Friday, January 13, 2006

The danger of Alito and the Religious Right

"What we've worked on for 30 years, to mobilize people of faith and value in this country, what we've done through these years is coming to culmination right now," Falwell said at a rally on the eve of Alito's confirmation hearing.

"Now we're looking at what we really started on 30 years ago, reconstruction of a court system gone awry," Falwell said at a rally at a Baptist church in Philadelphia and broadcast on Christian radio and television.

"There could be a reconstruction of the U.S. Supreme Court in our immediate lifetime," said Falwell.

We have a cabal of religious theocrats who want to ensure that America becomes another religious-dominated state that sanctions THEIR form of religion only. For you Christians who support the Religious Right, but are not fundamentalist, you can see your religion demoted as the thing called freedom of religion is scattered like leaves into the wind. The fundies are not concerned with freedom of religion and what they call religious liberty. No, it is only a code word meant to gather sympathy for themselves only as it gives them the false impression of being martyrs oppressed for believing in their faith. Everyone loves a martyr who is willing to die for their faith, but they are not true martyrs, only wannabes who trivialize those who have actually suffered religious persecution.

They are not interested in religious freedom but like the Puritans, they only believe in the freedom to impose THEIR brand of Christianity on the whole population whether we like it or not. They seek to have their brand of Christianity recognized by the government as the official religion of the United States. The First Commandment is not compatible with the religious freedom clause of the First Amendment and the extreme fundamentalists who have become tainted with Christian Reconstructionism (like Falwell, Dobson, and Robertson) have taken it to mean that "You shall not have any other religion other than fundamentalism."

Any Christian who supports this group of fanatics is incredibly naive as if they think they will be allowed to worship freely. Who knows what can happen if the Reconstructionists take over the government? Will people be thrown in jail for being Catholic or Presbyterian? Will people be forced to pay taxes if they are not fundamentalist? Will people have their churches shut down and be forced to go underground? Will they even be executed for being the enemies of God? Will people be stoned for accidently taking the Lord's name in vain? Think I am exaggerating? The Religious Right already mocks those who speak out against them as if they are heretics attempting to speak for God. Just look at how they react to the Reverend Lynn or Father Andrew Greeley.

CHRISTIAN Reconstructionism holds that you must be a male that belongs to the right religion to even be considered able to vote. All other Christians and non-Christians will be deemed second-class citizens, if citizens at all without the right to vote. They advocate the death penalty for things such as talking back to your parent, divorce, homosexuality, abortion, etc. Many fundamentalists don't realize that they hold Reconstructionist ideas but this is what makes them dangerous. The media portrays them as mainstream Christians but in reality they are tainted with religious extremism.

The fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are our enemy. They are an intolerant bunch of self-righteous hypocritical Pharisees who want to impose their laws and standards of morality upon all Americans. THEY have forgotten the true teachings of Jesus while piously proclaiming themselves to be the mouthpieces of Jesus in the streets and corners, when Jesus condemned the Pharisees who prayed in the corners and fasted with glum faces so they could show off their "holiness." Pat Robertson fools his millions of viewers when he says that God struck down Ariel Sharon and brought upon the hurricanes in New Orleans. They believe that since he says that God did it, God must talk to him much as he did to the prophets of the Old Testament. This naiveity is extremely dangerous as it gives Robertson a false legitimacy and encourages him to speak out and advocate more assassinations.

No matter what you feel about abortion, the fact that the Religious Right came out in full support of Samuel Alito on Justice Sunday III, a blatant affront to the separation of church and state (but the IRS is more interested in going after left-leaning churches who oppose Bush's war), is sufficient enough that we must oppose his nomination. For if we don't, the takeover of our country by the corporates allied with the dominionists will be furthered until it will be too late. With an opposition party like the Democrats, it will be too late, and Bush will have completed his quest for absolute power in the hands of a dictatorship where he can write and interpret the laws anyway he wants or he could just bypass them and later rub it in our faces and ask what we're going to do about it. Congress is nothing more than a rubber stamp for a dictator-wannabe and we cannot trust them to hold Bush accountable for anything, even if he were to receive a blowjob from an intern.

Christian Reconstructionism is nothing more than a bunch of theocrat elites who will make the decisions and laws that govern this country based on their interpretation of the Bible. So if you eat shrimp, prepare to be executed. They are cunning in that they seek to gently acquaint us Americans to the idea of God's dominion in America by sugarcoating their language in the benign language of God and the Bible. They are trying to get the public riled up by using faux conflicts such as the War on Christmas to give Christians the feeling that they are being persecuted by the godless, Satanic liberals who want to crush the churches and drive them out of business.

Now, I'm not suggesting that Alito's confirmation means a theocracy as the corporatists could find a way to betray their unwitting allies in the Religious Right in the end. However, the dominionists and theocrats believe that it is their time and that if he is confirmed this will just give them a mandate to start taking over our society. Alito will tear down the wall between church and state and by the time the Democrats do something, it will be too late. They'll only express concern and the hearings will go through with Alito being confirmed. Two stolen elections => fascist state and/or theocracy allied with the corporations.

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