Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito: definitely not the choice of cats

Just who were the ones choosing Alito? Just who were the ones who claim him as their chosen one for the Supreme Court? Not the people, that's for sure.

If abortion is your main reason for opposing him, it should be much more than that. Alito represents a threat to our democracy like none you've ever seen before well except for the Litterbox Shit Patrol. Nonetheless, he was picked by the Litterbox Administration exactly because of his views on Unitary Executive Theory which states that the executive, here the president, can do whatever the hell he wants without any fear of being held accountable. For those who say that when the Democrats come to power, this theory would apply to them are sadly mistaken. Bush and his cronies know that they have the voting machines on their side which would never allow a Democrat to become president no matter if he won. This is the finishing touches of the creeping fascism which the Litterbox Administration has sought to poison America with. Putting Alito on the court would give its fascist intentions the legitimacy of our democratic institutions.

This is perfect for the litterbox who infamously proclaimed that the 2004 election which he stole of course was his moment of accountability and that since he won, he did not have to be held accountable. Alito shares this view and will work towards an all-powerful Executive Branch that will gobble up the others much as Augustus and later Roman emperors reduced the Roman Senate to nothing more than a rubber-stamp committee. I would not be surprised if Bush called in the army to go into the Senate chamber to intimidate those pesky Senators much like some of the Roman emperors did back in the day. Congress is bowing to Bush much as the Roman Senate did to Augustus. Of course Augustus allowed them to compete for the prestige of winning those coveted seats but he held the real power.

Alito's membership in Concerned Alumni of Princeton (should be Concerned Assholes of Princeton), a group notorious for its extreme hostility to the university finally admitting women and minorities should be touted and exposed. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sought to lecture all of us in the meaning of bigotry, which is ironic because his party panders to racist hick rednecks in the South by attempting to proclaim that guilt by association is not to be condoned. Of course, if the Republicans hadn't done the same to Abe Fortas, we would take them seriously, but they are the party of "Do as I say, not as I do." The Republicans would want you to believe that he joined CAP because they were worried about the university kicking ROTC off the campus, but as Attytood points out, he joined ROTC to get out of going to Vietnam.

He was damn proud of his membership back in 1985 when he was applying for the position of deputy assistant to Attorney General Edwin Meese in 1985. His sudden amnesia is not credible as CAP as been exposed as a right-wing extremist group much like the John Birch Society. Republicans would like you to believe them when they distance themselves from their dark pasts. Bush wanted you to believe him when he said he did not know Kenny Boy Lay (even though he always called him Kenny Boy in a remarkable show of familiarity) and Republicans in the South wanted to distance themselves from the Uptown Klan, otherwise known as the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center many of them addressed.

In Alito's world, it is not the responsibility of the corporation to prove that they did not discriminate against any worker. Rather, it is the victim's responsibility to show proof. Judge Alito is so extreme that the really conservative 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals voted 10-1 against him in a suit where the woman claimed she was fired for complaining about sexual harassment on the job. Alito sought to shift the burden of proof to the victim who in his view should have given proof that she was harassed, rather than management show proof that she was fired for valid reasons. The corporations and management always win in Alito's world, while the worker gets screwed over. It's not like Alito has any concern for the little guy. He'll listen to them in court, but he won't hear.

The Religious Right loves him. They see him as a savior who has come to redeem America and return it to the "Christian nation" it once was. Tony Perkins proclaimed, "The threat to our religious liberties has not diminished," meaning court rulings on restricting the display of the Ten Commandments in public places, the judge striking down ID in Dover, PA, and forbidding the Indiana House of Representatives from beginning their sessions with prayers that specifically address Jesus. I cannot stress enough that the Religious Right's rhetoric on religious liberty sounds benign but is nothing more than a Trojan Horse meant to lure us into a false sense of security. I've said it over and over again that everyone feels sorry for a martyr and those persecuted for their religious beliefs. The Religious Right have realized this and have used this sympathy to gather support for their extremist agenda. Religious liberty only means for their right to impose their standards of morality and their religion on the rest of us, unwilling or not. Perkins claims that he has no interest in a theocracy, but only for the right of a church to speak out the "truth." Yet, his attempts to ban gay marriage and to deem homosexuals second-class citizens belies this claim. The very fact that he has to defend himself against the notion of being a theocrat should be a red flag.

Alito doesn't give a damn about the little guy, but is nothing more than a corporate whore who is acceptable to the Religious Right who seek to reconstruct the courts in the image of God or something like that. Alito will work for the breaking down of the barrier between church and state. He will work for a fascist America where what's good for GM is good for America and the worker gets screwed while the corporations get some. In addition, he has his trouble with ethics as he refused to recuse himself from a case involving Vanguard mutual fund company even though he had financial ties to it, much like Scalia refused to recuse himself in a case involving his duck-hunting buddy Dick Cheney who took him on a paid-trip hunting. Predictably, he ruled in favor of Cheney.

Alito believes in a Big Brother government alright, but what's the catch? When it comes to corporate America, he holds the belief that the government if it tried to regulate corporations and big business would only be interfering with commerce. Big Business should be left alone to discriminate as it pleases, to abuse its workers, to pay sub-standard wages. Nonetheless, Big Brother needs to be in our bedrooms and our living rooms because we're the little guys in the whole picture.

The only thing we can do besides offering grade A+ catnip to the goddess is to call or email our senators to filibuster. Otherwise, we can kiss goodbye to our democracy as we knew it, only to be replaced with Augustus' imperial throne cloaked by the toga candida, which candidates for public office wore when they presented themselves at the Forum, truly a symbol of the citizenship.

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