Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Any company that caves into the American Family Association's demands needs to be exposed for the promotion of bigotry. NBC sided with the hate-mongerers of the Religious Right instead of promoting tolerance. So what if the main character's son is gay? It's a facet of American life. DEAL WITH IT. Yeah, the family is dysfunctional with a drug dealer etc.

The message is that Jesus would not have ACCEPTED sin but that he would have understood that human beings have a weakness. We are sinful creatures according to Christian teachings, but the Religious Right have forgotten that they too are sinners in seeking to be the arbiters of our morality. They believe that it is only those who follow their own teachings that are moral while everyone else is immoral. It's just too bad they're stuck in the Middle Ages because everyone has progressed forward, well everyone except conservatives. and what makes Homosexuality a sin?

With every victory corporations hand to the Religious Right, they become emboldened in their quest to have a theocracy in all but name.

So, a bigoted pastor wants to buy Microsoft stock and then dump it, theoretically destroying the company? Well perhaps he should re-read his Bible over and over and over again. He preaches a gospel of Hate instead of tolerance. Opposing civil rights for gays and lesbians is not hating the sin while loving the sinner. Quite the contrary. It is something the Pharisees would have done, those who sold out the Jewish people to the Romans so they could stay in power. So-called religious figures like Hutcherson and Dobson sell out the Gospel in order to gain power over the private lives of our citizens and hereby disgrace their profession.

If they think homosexuality and gay marriage is such a sin, how come they aren't as vehemently opposed to such mortal sins as lust and pride? How come they don't speak out against the pastor who thought he was pastoring to police but was caught whoring himself? How come they don't speak about the religious right wingnut who was caught raping his two sons? How come they don't speak about adultery except when a Democrat does it as Bill Clinton did? How come they didn't condemn Henry Hyde and Connie Mack? Why not deny those who are caught cheating on their spouses voting rights? Why not deny those who destroyed their own marriages voting rights? Why don't we let corporations fire those who had a divorce just like how they can fire someone for being gay in 34 states?

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