Friday, January 13, 2006

Cats in power >>>>>>>>>> Democrats > Republicans

Do you know WHY I say we'd be better off with cats in the Senate than our Democrats? Because cats have spine and don't give in. Just look when you have a cat on your lap. Can you get him or her off? Of course not, If you want to get up, TOUGH, DEAL WITH IT! If you want to sleep in at 4:30 am, but your cat is nudging you to get up to get him/her some food, you better damn well get up or expect nice presents showing the cat's appreciation. If your cat is sleeping on your keyboard or your book, you can't do your work until the cat wakes up lest you invite the divine goddess' wrath. Do you truly want to experience a solar flare sent by the goddess?

Our Democrats? They'll let Alito go in because well they don't want to stir up trouble and have the Republicans initiate the NUCLEAR OPTION. Of course in the Gang of 14, we have the senator that won the 2005 Weasel of the Year Award for an infuriating 41 GOP votes. Considering Ben Nelson more than doubled the number of weasel votes by the runner-up (Landrieu who had 19), why does he not join the GOP and get it over with? The other Democrats just express concern and think that they have satisfied their base's desires, forgetting that we can be just as vindicative as any freeper. I sent a letter ordering my senators to filibuster, but the only one I have hope in is Boxer, but she can't do it alone of course. Feinstein is nothing more than a DINO who believes in women's rights.

We are not the freepers who vote blindly for any Republican because he/she has a R next to the name. We have no qualms punishing the people who are supposed to represent us instead of corporations and lobbyists.

and in other news, we have discovered Jose Padilla's written application to Al Qaeda. Right, and I think dogs are superior to cats.

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