Friday, January 13, 2006

The Difference b/w Feline Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism

Feline Dominionism

Christian Reconstructionism

Who reigns over the world

Cats do, humans are only here to serve cats.

God gave humans dominion over the earth but that is to prepare for the coming. That is to be achieved by remaking America and later the world in the image of God's kingdoms.


None, the only law is for humans to serve cats as faithful
servants. Humans can do anything they want as long as they meet
the needs of cats. True freedom indeed.

The Bible, mainly Old Testament law. This means that talking back to your parents, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, etc. are all punishable by execution by either stoning, hanging, or by the "sword." Stoning preferred because it is cheap and stones are widely available.


No, cats reward us mere humans with love and companionship, cheering us up in our darkest hours.

Some like Rushdoony say yes, the Bible sanctions slavery.
Others like Gary North say no.



The Bible

Why humans exist?
To serve cats
dominion over the earth

Females in power

Absolutely, it is to be encouraged.

No, females in civic positions just mean that the society has
strayed far from God's path

Other religions

Accepted. Just love cats. Total freedom of religion.

No, only males who believe in the “right” form of
Christianity are allowed to vote. All others are not granted
citizenship and denied civil rights. Women are second-class citizens who exist only to serve the man.

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