Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Differences between Feline Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism Part II

Everyone should see this video.

Feline Dominionism is completely different from Christian Reconstructionism. As I have listed a few posts below of the differences between the two, you can see how much more benign Feline Dominionism is. Cats don't care what we do as long as we meet their needs and give them TLC and the attention they deserve. As long as we put them on a pedestal in order to gaze upon them in awe and reverence, everything is fine.

Feline Dominionism and Democracy are not enemies much as Christian Reconstructionism and Democracy. The cats do not have any laws except for one: love your cat and cherish him/her. Rushdoony advocates the death penalty for anyone who violates the Ten Commandments even for children who talk back to their parents. How extreme is that?! I bet he considered himself pro-life too. Cats don't care for the death penalty as that means one less human to serve them and they certainly don't want kids being stoned to death. Of course homosexuals, those who don't practice the right religion, (to be fair, it is debatable that the Christian Reconstructionists would execute "nonbelievers" but would probably deny them citizenship), and your family under the right circumstances would also be marked for death most likely by stoning. Now perhaps, Rushdoony is the extremist among extremists but still this is what he believed in.

That video illustrates a crucial point: the Christian Reconstructionist movement has tainted so-called mainstream Christian organizations such as the Christian Coalition even though the leaders of the coalition would much rather have that not be known, whether they like it or not. Cats don't care for such petty human conflicts such as the battle between religions. Why should we bother when our mission here on earth is to serve cats?

If you want to see the vision of a Christian Reconstructionist Kingdom of America, please go to the Brick Testament and go to the section labeled Laws.

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