Thursday, January 26, 2006

Post for the Democratic Party in this troubled confirmation period

2005 has sped by

Now, we need to face 2006 (Alito and the Elections)

There may be risks involved (so don't be afraid to take them. One never gets far being cautious especially in war, which the Republicans have declared on you)

We may need to face roadblocks (the GOP of course)

So stay alert (lest the Republicans steal your agenda and spin it around)

Share time with friends (not the corporations, but your true base)

Jump over obstacles (the GOP)

With care (of course)

and caution (not too much caution)

Face challenges (without losing heart for your base is with you)

Remember to laugh (At the GOP and the media whores)

Cooperate (I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, Get those 8 senators who stand in the way of a filibuster to cooperate)

Discover (that you have spine)

Make new friends (in your base, not corporations)

Above ready for adventure (and challenges)

STICK TOGETHER (and filibuster Alito)

AND you will be able to go far (and win!)

Very far (yup)

As far as you want! (Remember we can take back the country)

Always take time to smell the flowers

Don't forget to relax and enjoy (the fact that you are serving the PEOPLE, not pseudopeople like the corporations)

And never forget to love those dearest to you

May God, the Goddess, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Ganesh, the Great Philosopher Cat in the Sky, or whomever you worship bless you in 2006

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