Friday, February 17, 2006

It's time to watch CORRUPTION GONE WILD!

A GOP Production

From AmericaBLOG (God, I love that site), as the Senate and the GOP budget bills were slightly different versions that passed with slim margins, Democrats cried foul and rightfully raised a ruckus. Pelosi protested that the GOP turned a small clerical error into a major constitutional crisis because the GOP did not want to be upfront with the American people (no shit). The constitution states that the house and the senate must pass IDENTICAL versions of the budget bill and Pelosi is backed by some legal scholars.

The GOP predictably played the obstruction game. Democrats don't want to move this country forward because they're more focused on winning political points by attacking us virtuous Republicans. They don't care about the deficit because it's not our fault spending on social programs is getting out of control. Republicans are going to try to win this issue on a 1892 Supreme Court opinion (obscure) that says minor procedural irregularities can be forgiven if the Speaker of the House and the Senate president say the bills are correct.

This is what happens when one party controls every branch of government, no matter what the GOP wants to think. They want to obscure the fact that Republicans control everything so that when things go wrong, they can blame o yes, Democrats and liberals whether it is Democratic obstructionists in Congress or "liberal activist judges" (notice they never use the word conservative even though studies show that the conservative judges are more likely to overturn earlier cases) in the Supreme Court.

The GOP doesn't want to go through the tenacious battle it fought just to pass this abomination of a budget bill. As John points out, the bill cut funding to the weakest members of our society. I'll add that they cut programs off the backs of the elderly, poor, and students not to reduce the deficit but to justify their cutting taxes to the extremely rich. Notice how conservatives never complain when taxes to the extremely rich are cut because they cling to the discredited trickle-down theory. Of course the tax cuts have not worked. *(Point that out to a Republican and he/she'll blame you for hating Bush) It's no surprise that someday the only college opportunities will be through the military. I heard on Ed Schultz's show from a caller on the massive increase of recruitment posters that said "Join the army and get money for college!" Of course the catch is that if you get killed, those promises of money mean nothing to you. But if you're rich and your parents can afford to buy you that Porsche, then you have nothing to worry about. Welcome to the club! Everyone else can go Fuck themselves.

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