Monday, February 13, 2006

Rant from an opinionated fool

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) spoke after Mehlman, and he promised that on June 5 he will bring to the floor a constitutional amendment to bar same-sex marriage, and pledged a May vote on eliminating the estate tax, items high on the conservative agenda.

Frist said the amendment is needed to protect the majority of Americans, whom he said oppose same-sex marriage, from "the whims of a few activist judges" who seek to "override the commonsense of the American people." He added, "When America's values are under attack, we need to act."

A similar amendment failed to win the necessary votes in 2004.
Oh wait, is it 2006 yet? It must be because we're hearing about the Federal Marriage Amendment which seeks to protect and save marriage from those godless homosexuals. We all know that allowing gay people to get married means that some unseen force will come into our homes and dissolve the sacred bond between man and woman. Perhaps Eris, goddess of discord will do her dirty work destroying our marriages, after all she helped cause the Trojan War, didn't she?

It is perfect as the Republicans don't have enough votes to get the amendment passed. Then it'll have to go to the states if it were to pass, which is definitely not a guarantee. What can the GOP do with this? That's right, it's time to play, "WHO WANTS TO BE A VICTIM?!" Once the amendment fails to pass, the GOP can turn around and blame godless liberals who want to magically turn everyone gay. The oppressor has struck again, striking down the poor Christians who want to protect their own families and communities from the gay scourge. If it weren't for the fact that the base is brainwashed, the GOP wouldn't dare do this because it's just so obvious. Their strategy is to gain points for effort from their base and if they actually win on this issue, it's just a bonus.

Poor Fundies and Evangelicals. You will never learn that you are second at the trough. You will never know that the GOP is playing a game with you and that the GOP doesn't really give a damn whether gays can get married or not or that if they do, it's not much of a priority. You'll never learn because in the arrogance of claiming that you were responsible for Bush's so-called "victory" when it was the voting machines and voting irregularities, you have been brainwashed into believing that Bush would reward you for your support.

Let's take a look at GOP "victories" (a short list) and priorities
  1. Class Action Fairness Act (Tort Reform), better known as the Cheney the Consumer Act, because we all know people who are exposed to asbestos deserve what they get because they should have taken the personal responsibility to avoid getting into such situations.
  2. Bankruptcy legislation, because we all know those who file for bankruptcy are not affected by medical costs, but in reality are shiftless and lazy Americans who charge everything to their credit card bill and don't pay afterwards even though they run around with Cadillacs and Hummers. The Finance Sector gave $195 million to the Republican Party in 2004. Most of Bush's Pioneers are from this area.
  3. Energy Bill, better known as the Big Oil Welfare Act - provides legal protections for gasoline addictive that contaminates water and billions for the purposes of exploration
  4. The Senate passed $70 billion in tax cuts over five years although it has to be negotiated in the House.
  5. Social SEcurity destruction
  6. Drilling in ANWR
  7. Tax cuts
  8. Big Pharma Subsidization
  10. Repeal of the Death Estate Tax
  11. Drilling in our public lands
  12. Renewing the PATRIOT ACT

Now let's look at GOP "victories" when it comes to "family values."
  1. The Partial-Birth Abortion ban - Surely it means that the GOP has delivered on the abortion issue, right? Nope, they had it all planned out that it would be struck down by the courts because they did not include exceptions for the health of the mother. So cross that one off.
  2. Federal Marriage Amendment (Whoops, that failed to muster enough votes in 2004, haha 0WN3D!
  3. Alito and Roberts on the Supreme Court (Whoops, they're more considered about the rights of corporations although Alito is more in tune to the Religious Right) 0.5 points for the Religious Right there

The Republican Party would be an extreme minority party without the Religious Right marching in lockstep and it's no surprise that the GOP is reaching out to them in an election year. Will Dobson and Perkins and all of the other leaders of the Religious Right understand that they are being played for fools? The GOP thinks that the Religious Right will be satisfied with state amendments defining marriage as between a man and a woman, but the Religious Right is drunk with power and believes that it is their time. This does not bode well for the GOP if the Religious Right alienates the moderates in the center.

Perhaps the fundies should get behind Roy Moore for President in 2008. After all, he is obviously the greatest Christian in America because he supports having the Ten Commandments in every courtroom, truly a sign of being a great Christian, right? Perhaps if they fought this vehemently for the Beatitudes and modeled themselves after Jesus, our country would truly be more compassionate instead of "compassionate." Note the difference. (However, this does not take into account the voting machines which can instantly summon up millions of mythological evangelical voters into supporting the GOP even if someone like Rudy Guiliani is nominated.)

And for my Classics allusion, why is the army still discharging gay people who obviously want to serve their country and protect us Americans? Look back to the days of ancient Greece in the fourth century right before Alexander. What was the greatest fighting force in ancient Greece? the SACRED BAND. What was the Sacred Band? 150 pairs of male lovers who fought side by side. The Thebans believed that these males would not dare to shame themselves in front of their lovers and would protect them at all costs. The Sacred Band has been written into the annals of history at Chaironeia where their last stand cost them 246 out of the 300 perished against Philip of Macedon's army. Today, the Sacred Band would have been discharged without question. Does the army truly want to protect us Americans when it fired 26 linguists including 6 who specialized in ARABIC? Doesn't it speak volumes that these linguists who wanted to help out in the "War on Terror" were not rehired?

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