Thursday, February 02, 2006

You may think that your right to free speech is being curbed. I don't care. Not when someone in Massachusetts of all places goes out on a rampage and starts hacking and shooting patrons at a gay bar. You may think the so-called homo agenda is trying to suppress your religious beliefs when it seeks legislation on hate crimes. You may think gays and lesbians are the oppressors while you turn into the victims. You may think that they are seeking to destroy Christianity either by perverting it from within or preaching what you consider a "false message" of tolerance.

George W. Bush should be ashamed of himself, using homophobia as a politically-charged weapon in order to score points when it comes to the elections and the SOTU. He may think he is protecting the nation's morality but I fail to see how inspiring someone to go out to try to kill the patrons at a gay bar is moral. It may not have been his intention nor that of the Religious Right or the GOP but when you imply that gays and lesbians are less than human and are tainted, someone will rise up and do something about it. I fail to see how writing in discrimination into our sacred Constitution is moral. I fail to see how not focusing on the marginalized but instead demonizing them is moral. I fail to see how George W. Bush is the paragon of virtue and morality. If he is, I am a Canine Dominionist and I think cats are the minions of the Antichrist.

Basically what these Christians are doing is turning the political arena into the Colosseum where they bravely stand against the lions (the homo agenda) and await martyrdom with unconquered spirits. They are trying to suffer the martyrdom without actually suffering the martyrdom they say guarantees a ticket in heaven (if that even makes any sense). Basically, my point is that they are trying to be martyrs but are faux martyrs who trivialize the experiences of those persecuted.

Christians are not oppressed here. We should be thankful that we could worship here in peace without having the police force us to go underground such as in Communist China or North Korea. We should be thankful that we aren't taxed in order to continue our faith. We should be thankful that we can even pray in schools, just as long as it's not mandated. What's to prevent a child from praying before he eats his lunch in the cafeteria?

I thought religion was supposed to be a private thing. Did not Jesus tell us not to pray out in the public streetcorners like the hypocrites did? Did he not tell us to fast with a joyful heart for the Father knows your true heart? Did he not tell us to pray in your own room with the door closed so only you and whomever you prayed to hears? Why are these fundamentalists or evangelicals or whoever they are trying to publicize their faith and supposed persecution? Are they not the hypocrites Jesus warned us about? The highly-polished gravestones on top of graves with rotting flesh and bones?

Where we should all draw the line is homophobia. As I have pointed out before, it's alright if you gently discourage your congregation in a private sermon in your own church from engaging in homosexual behavior if you deem it a sin. It's one thing to believe that homosexual behavior is a sin as disturbing as that belief is though. It's another when you start demonizing a people and attempt to deny them rights, especially PROTECTION from being fired on the job simply due to your sexual orientation. People like Ken Hutcherson may profess to hate the sin while loving the sinner, but I fail to see how coming out against an anti-discrimination bill that includes gays and lesbians is loving the sinner. I fail to see what's wrong with ending a practice in 36 states which allows corporations or employers to FIRE someone if they find out he/she's gay. I fail to see how housing discrimination is loving the sinner.

You would think the Religious Right would be satisfied with a compromise situation like that of Canada. OVER there, their Supreme Court ruled that the government must sanction gay marriage as a form of a civil right but simultaneously could not force any religious institution to accept the marriages itself.

I do not buy the argument from conservatives that says that gays and lesbians chose this lifestyle and with that lifestyle come the consequences. I do not buy the argument that says they chose to be gay and "immoral" so they have to pay the price even if it means not getting married or getting fired on the job. Even if homosexuality is a choice, which I am highly doubtful it is, Conservatives have had no problems denying rights to people who could not choose their gender or the color of their skin. They had no problem restricting the right of suffrage to rich white males because apparently these men made the choice of being white and rich *rolls eyes.

If we are so intent on opposing "sin," how come there is not a movement against adulterers? Let's strip their right to not be fired on the job. Let's have corporations pry into our secret lives in order to determine if you've cheated on your spouse. If you have, let them fire you. Let's see how far that'll go in the Republican Congress.

Great goddess, if I have offered the best catnip to you, whose name inspires awe and fear in all living things, dissolve every enchantment and every form of hatred against us, for I conjure you by the great and terrible name which the winds fear and the rocks split when they hear it, the great and terrible name which the raging fire obeys.”

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