Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An exercise in thinking like a Republican (not a true conservative)

RealDreJr (7:41:14 PM): im just wondering whats the spin you can put on this..
UCSBClassics53 (7:41:31 PM): bush is trying to show a brave face in the face of unspeakable danger!
UCSBClassics53 (7:41:33 PM): WHAT a brave man!
UCSBClassics53 (7:41:39 PM): unlike those cowards
UCSBClassics53 (7:41:46 PM): at the National Hurricane center
RealDreJr (7:42:02 PM): yeah
UCSBClassics53 (7:42:30 PM): bush saw that the guys over at the meeting were worried, scared shitless, scared enough to piss their pants
UCSBClassics53 (7:42:35 PM): so he had to do what a war president would do
UCSBClassics53 (7:43:11 PM): Just like how Decius Mus decided to sacrifice his own life with the devotio ritual to inspire his troops to victory
RealDreJr (7:43:26 PM): its simply amazing
UCSBClassics53 (7:43:28 PM): Bush decided to sacrifice himself to criticism by putting a brave face
UCSBClassics53 (7:43:36 PM): so that the men at the meeting would be reassured and do their jobs
RealDreJr (7:44:40 PM): damn im so fearful should I be President and surrounded by people who know what the fuck they are talking about
UCSBClassics53 (7:44:41 PM): what an honorable man!
UCSBClassics53 (7:44:47 PM): he doesn't care about his poll numbers
UCSBClassics53 (7:44:56 PM): and thanks to Bush's bravery
UCSBClassics53 (7:44:59 PM): the death toll was only 1300
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:01 PM): with 2300 missing
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:05 PM): it could have been 100,000!
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:09 PM): see how many lives were saved?
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:17 PM): now if Clinton was president,
RealDreJr (7:45:17 PM): actually the definition of casualty
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:23 PM): we would have lost the whole city
RealDreJr (7:45:27 PM): includes injured
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:29 PM): 400,000
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:31 PM): killed
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:37 PM): Clinton would have kept on getting a blowjob
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:41 PM): while the storm approached
RealDreJr (7:45:45 PM): the number is over 25,000 wounded and killed far as soldiers are concerned
UCSBClassics53 (7:45:48 PM): and then the storm would have increased to a category 10

These are not Republicans we have now..these are Jesus and governmental suppresion freaks..Republicans any real ones wouldnt have wasted 700 billion dollars on a war...and run up a deficit into the 7 trillions of dollars...or want to give the government more power and control over you and I the individual citizens.

Now look at them getting involved in private family matters like the Schiavo case, starting a war and not knowing how much its going to cost, I mean a republican not knowing how much something costs in dollars?? SHOULDVE BEEN A RED FLAG TO TRUE republicans.

The Patriot Act isnt really Republican...its actually more democratic which tends to go with more governmental control..and now were are seeing political shift that has been going on since the mid 70's....

When Christian Organizations through various fundraisers and "donations" have been buying up these Senators that were true Republicans and they hit them with theyre trampling our individual rights so naturally being defenders of the individual they got swept up in this ideal thinking one thing and have completley morphed and fused with religion....

And now to separate the 2 are damn near too late and for it to be dismantled..will take a tremendous effort.
I know and they call themselves Republican and I'm just lazy so I will oblige them.
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