Monday, March 27, 2006

If you're in Ohio, it's more important to forbid gays to marry than it is to protect women from domestic abuse

The amendment says the state cannot "create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the ... effect of marriage."

Family values, Ohio style?

Since Ohio has passed its precious Defense of Marriage Homophobia Amendment, it conflicts with its domestic violence law. Now I understand that the case that was dismissed was against a woman who assualted her live-in boyfriend. Yes, domestic violence can happen to men, but let's face it, the overwhelming majority of the victims are women. The Commonwealth Fund estimates that 25-31% of ALL women will face domestic violence. In Salt Lake City, the ratio of victims of domestic violence is a 9:1 overwhelmingly in favor of yes, you guessed it women while 95% of the perpetrators are men.

Truly, I am afraid of the message this will send much as Bill Napoli's infamous exception for rape which only virtuous Christian women should be allowed to get abortions if they are raped. This sends the message that if you're living with someone you're not married to, you are obviously immoral and therefore, do not deserve protection under the law. Basically, you are on your own because you obviously do not have morals and are not paragons of Christian virtue. I wonder how many fundamentalist, evangelical, or Catholic preachers believe that domestic abuse in this case is justified as the instrument of God's punishment? Care to speculate? Basically instead of slapping the offender with a FELONY Domestic abuse charge, they are to be slapped with a misdemeanor assualt charge.

As I have stated in the past, I am sick and tired of this Puritan mentality that threatens to overrun this country as the Religious Right is slowly taking over. This mentality can be found from anywhere from the War on Drugs, the abortion debate, AIDS, the HPV virus vaccine which can possibly protect against the virus that causes cervical cancer and save MILLIONS of lives, and now this.

Is the most pressing concern in our country the non-existent Homo agenda? Is the most pressing concern in our country preventing gays and lesbians from getting married? Does this trump protecting women from domestic abuse and rape? Is the Religious Right willing to sacrifice the lives of young teens who make up a significant proportion of the victims?

Stats from
  • As many as 324,000 women each year experience domestic violence during their pregnancy.
Shouldn't this be one of the Religious Right's concerns considering how much they love the fetus? Perhaps not, because they were silent when members of Congress wanted to allow pesticide testing on fetuses. Are they willing to charge the abusive spouse with murder if the mother miscarries? My intuition says no.

  • On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the US every day.
As Mike Malloy would say in his catch line in his mock Religious-Right, stern preacher voice, "AT LEAST THE QUEERS CAN'T GET MARRIED!"
  • In a survey by the US Conference of Mayors, 56% of cities surveyed cited comestic violence as a primary cause of homelessness.
Gee, there goes the "you're homeless because you're lazy and shiftless" myth that conservatives love to promote to justify not helping the homeless. But then again, many of them would blame the victim in this case, as asinine as it sounds.
  • 50% to 70% of men who abuse women also abuse children.
Considering that I've heard that even children are blamed for the sexual abuse they suffer, I'm not surprised there is no outcry.


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