Sunday, March 12, 2006

A True Christian to the very end

Tom Fox, who was found tortured and killed was an example of the truest Christian: a peacemaker.

Love your enemies and turn the other cheek not an eye for an eye (Matt 5:3848)
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Let us not forget that while the Religious Right may claim to be the mouthpieces of Christianity, that they are not the only examplars of Christianity in society today, no matter what the media says or wants us to believe. For every Pat Robertson who calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, for every Jerry Falwell who preaches hatred towards gays while disguising it as "loving the sinner, but hating the sin" there is a Tom Fox who takes it upon himself to follow in the ways of the Prince of Peace who could have called down Thunderbolts from heaven upon his crucifiers but rather prayed for them as he was dying. For every Tony Perkins, there is a Tom Fox who through his actions teaches us that for evil, there is a good that can overcome it, for I truly believe that good will always overcome evil.

Let us not forget that for those who cry out that they are doing the Will of God by oppressing homosexuals and condemning people who do not believe in their brand of Christianity, there is a peacemaker who was more concerned about bringing peace than converting people to his religion. His was a mission of mercy, a mission to bring peace to a war-torn land, and he died for it, a true martyr to the faith.

I am linking to my colleague's blog as she has said it eloquently and effectively about the hatred Rush Limbaugh has spewed towards these peacemakers. Let me just add that Rush is not fit to wait upon Mr. Fox as he hides behind a microphone, safe behind his studio where he can be brave enough to spew out such vitriol as "Well, here's why I like it. I like any time a bunch of leftist feel-good hand-wringers are shown reality."

I'm sure Rush considers himself pro-life just as many of these hypocrites do. Of course he considers himself a paragon of Christian virtue. Well I don't know what Gospel he reads but he's no example of Christian values. He's no example of family values. He cries out against liberals claiming that we are Satanic baby-killers who sacrifice fetuses to the Prince of Evil, he claims that we would much rather have Saddam Hussein in power. Rush and many of the brain-dead sheep freepers claim that we embrace a Culture of Death. Well I say to that, you're a bunch of hypocrites who should be looking in the mirror. Well a pro-lifer would not have expressed his satisfaction when these Christian Peacemakers were taken hostage. A pro-lifer would condemn the war-profiteering going on, especially by Halliburton. A pro-lifer would condemn Bush and the Pentagon for dragging its feet in providing body armor for the troops. A pro-lifer would have raised money for the troops for buying Armor, instead of a useless, propaganda money-making scheme such as this one. The last thing they need is for them to be told that things are going just swell in Iraq when they know the truth. A pro-lifer would condemn the 37 pro-life senators who voted to support pesticide testing on fetuses.

In conclusion, it is the Right who has embraced a Culture of Death whether it is from deaths caused by pollution to the dead in Iraq, all for what? American hegemony.

Tom Fox was tortured, yet Rush Limbaugh thinks the torture we do at Abu Ghirab is nothing but fraternity pranks gone wild. Well tell THAT to Mr. Fox's family. We as Americans are responsible for this heinous act as we have stood silent while innocents at Abu Ghirab have been tortured and humiliated, and all for what? The Red Cross estimates 70-90% of those we held in Iraq are innocent and have been picked up by mistake. Yet we torture them and our attitude in pro-life America is, "Let God sort them out." We warned the Chimpeviks that encouraging our troops to torture would bode trouble for our troops who would fall into enemy hands. Looks like our dire prophecies are coming true.

To a true pro-lifer, both parties do not meet your high standards but you have been brain-washed into believing that if you're pro-life, you must vote Republican lest you be sentenced to Hell. That is the biggest lie being spread in American politics in addition to the supposed compassionate conservative, when there is no such thing.

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