Friday, April 21, 2006

Today is a VERY important anniversary and as always we must be mindful of the CATS!

Rome was founded today in 753 BC...2759 years ago (I hope my math is correct as there was no year zero). Gratias agamus to the feral cats who watch over Rome and prevent it from being destroyed completely.

Every tourist visiting Rome senses it: Rome's cats are different. Unlike the cuddly and sometimes aloof balls of fur you're likely to know and love, Rome's cats, the ones you see, are largely feral, prowling ancient monuments as if they owned them and answering to no one.

That's because THEY OWN THEM! We visit the ancient sites as if they were ours but we are only borrowing them from the CATS who graciously allow us to view them. Rome has done right to its guardians, declaring them a part of their bio-heritage.

and please visit Friends of Roman Cats whose mission statement goes as follows:

Friends of Roman Cats (FORC) is guided by the desire to help homeless cats through international cooperation and educational initiatives. Our goal is to support and disseminate ideas and practices taken from the U.S. feral cat community and from a cat sanctuary in Rome known as Torre Argentina. We believe that an exchange of ideas can benefit attitudes toward homeless cats in both the United States and Italy.

Thank you for mentioning Friends of Roman Cats. We are trying to make sure that the stray cats throughout Italy get spayed or neutered. I have just returned from Rome where I watched a wonderful parade celebrating the founding of Rome. People in ancient Roman costume marched on one side of the street, on the other came a large number of bicyclists using the closing of a major street to their advantage.

For anyone who loves Italy and cats, check out Friends of Roman Cats October "Cats and Culture" tour of
Italy, Go to our website,
No problem! I wish you all the success in the world!
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