Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bush said he would remind Western Hemisphere nations such as those that "respect for property rights and human rights is essential," that "meddling in other elections ... to achieve a short-term objective is not in the interests of the neighborhood," and that the United States expects other nations to stand against corruption and for transparent governance.
Notice how he said property rights first and then human rights...Notice how Republicans always talk the human rights line but when it comes to business and corporations wrecking havoc on the world around them, they always turn a blind eye. See no evil, hear no evil...Property rights trump human rights anyday in the Flying Monkey Right. So basically since corporations are considered humans even more so than real humans, the Bush Administration can cry and moan about a leader's attempt to lift up his people socially and economically.

Basically Bolivia nationalizes its natural gas reserves and this constitutes a human rights violation because corporations are furious over the move. This is human rights in the Age of the Litterbox.

"Let me just put it bluntly: I'm concerned about the erosion of democracy in" Venezuela and Bolivia, he said.
Perhaps if he were TRULY concerned about democracy, then he would do something about Diebold and the disenfranchsing of African-Americans in Ohio and Florida. It is laughable for a president who was appointed by the Supreme Court and who stole another election with the help of his lackeys to be concerned about another country's democracy. Of course, when corporations are allowed to rape a country of its resources without intervention from that country's government, this is a democracy because the will of the "people" is being respected. No matter if a brutal military dictatorship is in power. However, if a populist leader wants to take back power from the corporations and give it to the people, this is a dictatorship. If a leader wants to switch to the petro-euro, then Bush is concerned about democracy.

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