Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Probe on Domestic Spying on Political Opponents Killed. (Who didn't see THIS coming?)

WELL NO SHIT they were not going to get clearance into investigating this domestic wiretap program because the Litterbox Administration thinks that it does not have to be held accountable for anything. This is bullshit. We have basically the Justice Department investigating itself. Of COURSE they were going to call off the investigation because Bush is a Man of God and his minions and groupies can do no wrong.

National Security is the excuse for EVERYTHING this FUCKING ADMINISTRATION puts out when they are being investigated. National security. Well you damn had no qualms investigating Clinton for baseless rumors and his blowjob when he could have spent his energy going after Al Qaeda and now you're sitting idly while the NSA cries National Security? Let me ask...what is the threat from Greenpeace? Peace groups in Fresno? What is the threat from UC Santa Cruz protesters?

It is clear that Bush doesn't really give a fuck about Al Qaeda but only on silencing his critics. It's clear that this administration doesn't really give a damn about national security but is rather interested in creating an atmosphere of fear that threatens to chill freedom of speech which is only for gung-ho, cheerleaders for the war.

Conservatives, you deserve all you get from this piece of shit administration. Your hatred for gays and fear that they'll come in and seduce your children to participate in the UNHOLY Bacchanalia bought us another four years of Bush. You wanted small government, you did not get it. You wanted tax cuts for the rich, but you lost your civil liberties over this. You thought Bush was going to keep you safe from Osama Bin Laden when a REAL LEADER would have caught him by now instead of playing into his hands by invading Iraq, a country that did us no harm on 9/11, allowing him to say we're on a crusade against Islam.

What do we have to worry about from the NSA? It's only investigating terrorists, you say. That's BULLSHIT. Hayden did not say ANYTHING when he was asked about this program spying on POLITICAL OPPONENTS, basically an admission that this UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARRENTLESS SPYING PROGRAM is. Why are those people protesting military recruitment in our schools being labeled as potential terrorists?

Because they're going against the establishment, the industrial-military-media-religious complex. Anyone who dares speak out is fair game for being called a terrorist sympathizer or unpatriotic.

YOU DESERVE THIS, Bush voters. You let your hatred of gays and the Swift Boat Liars hoodwink you into voting against your economic interests. You hardcore Bush voters believe anything he says to you without critically thinking, which brings me to my point about the GOP wanting to kill education until only those who can afford it can receive a good education. They just don't want you to critically examine politics and the candidates but would rather have you like sheep nod yes to everything their propagandists say. Good luck in pulling yourself out of the gutter, good luck in pulling yourself into the ranks of the top 2% because you and I will never get there. Thank the Man of God for your $50 tax cut while social services go down the drain, sacrificed to the altar of the $42,000 tax cut for those to whom $42,000 is a week's pay. Good luck in finding that job that pays in the six-figure range because you and I will never see that one now.

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