Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Save the Internet: Click here

Again, I fail to see how the Republican party and the Corporate Democrats are these so-called populists looking out for our best interest. The internets have always been a place where you could look up anything, a realm where the First Amendment held sway. It didn't matter if you were a liberal or a conservative, you could find sites that appealed to you. Sites like AmericaBLOG and free republic could be accessed by either side. Now the corporations want to control the message that you see as they are afraid of true freedom of speech that goes against them. Corporations like Telus which blocked a website sympathetic to its striking workers can hereby block access to any site they deem as a threat.

Soon are we to see a internet where only right-wing, free-market, corporate-friendly sites are allowed while other sites are blocked? Perhaps this is what Joe Barton and the Litterboxites want in Congress as they are afraid of what blogs are doing: exposing the scandals of the Litterbox Administration and Congress itself. Are we to see an internet where pro-Exxon-Mobil sites distort the truth and persuade the public that Exxon shouldn't be responsible for paying their $5 billion fine because it was the personal responsibility of the Alaskans affected by the oil spill not to live in that area where spills could happen? Are we to see an internet where websites like Theocracy Watch are suppressed because the Religious Right sees them as a threat?

These corporations have finally gone too far. We stayed silent when they tried to evade corporate taxes by setting up tax shelters in the Cayman Islands or heaven knows where. We stayed silent when they started lobbying up on K Street. We stayed quiet when they lobbied for an energy bill that basically served as a giveaway to the energy industry. We stayed silent when they helped pass tort reform and tried to evade their corporate repsonsibilities (cough* Exxon). America has become a nation where corporations are considered more than us as people, where Republicans and DLC Democrats bend over to do the will of these pseudopeople while fooling us real people with a populist agenda whether it's gay marriage, gun rights, or prayer in schools.

If it weren't for the INTERNETS, we would have all lost hope long time ago, having to only rely on a CORPORATE media that does not serve our best interests but rather plays along this shell game politicians play. We can start by TAKING AWAY the right of corporate personhood which of course conservatives put into play, proving once again that conservatives subscribe to a SELFISH ideology that encourages a dog-eat-dog world where you fuck over others in the quest to hoard wealth so that you could take it to heaven, because as Supply Side Jesus said, "It is easier for a rich man to enter heaven seated comfortably on the back of a camel, than it is for a poor man to pass through the eye of a needle.

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