Saturday, June 17, 2006

If the Democrats were smart, they wouldn’t have fallen into this trap. If they were smart, they would have boycotted this resolution which is only designed for Karl Rove and his minions and their talking points. If the Democrats voted against this resolution, then Rove and his gang can go out to the ready and willing Sunday talk shows and say the Democrats HATE our troops. They want THEM DEAD at the hands of Osama Bin Saddam or whoever. They are playing into the hands of Osama who obviously wants them “defeated.” Salon reports that the bill was crafted so that a vote against the resolution would technically be a “vote against honoring the troops.”
To vote against the measure, you also had to vote against the part that said that the House "honors all those Americans who have taken an active part in the Global War on Terror, whether as first responders protecting the homeland, as servicemembers overseas, as diplomats and intelligence officers, or in other roles."
This is nothing more than election year politics and the Rethugicans know it. Instead of offering viable solutions to better protect our troops and to further our counterterrorism efforts, the Republicans can only offer a resolution devoid of all aid which spits on our troops by offering faux support and nothing more. Republicans are probably going to have their way on this, but the Democrats have proof that they need that the Republicans are politicizing the troops. In order to honor the troops, they must be provided the best equipment and treatment if they should come home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many of the GOP could care less about our troops beyond the fact that they consider the troops useful tools for photo-ops and campaign tools. Many of the GOP could care less that troops are coming home stressed, depressed, or even suicidal. That’s why the GOP offers meaningless resolutions designed with the 2006 elections in mind. That’s why the GOP offers resolutions that offer “support” to the troops, but not beyond rhetoric. To a Chimpevik neo-con, a soldier with PTSD should just suck it up and hold it in so that he could return to the killing fields in Iraq. Some morality there from people who supposedly call themselves pro-life.

But you know what? If they want to play hardball, we can play it too Perhaps, what the Democrats should do is to call for rescinding the tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans to pay for the troops’ equipment and armor, perhaps a raise in their danger pay, to fund VA services and hospitals, treatment for PTSD. Perhaps the money that would be saved this way should go to Operation Helmet which is donating money to modify our troops’ helmets so that they would be able to better absorb the shock resulting from a bomb blast. Perhaps they should offer an amendment that does exactly that to every bill that will be discussed in the House or however it works. Perhaps they should make the Republicans feel uncomfortable just like the Republicans are attempting to do with the Democrats. Of course the Republicans will sanctimoniously proclaim that the Democrats are exploiting our troops, forgetting that they are doing it themselves for political reasons and yes, I understand the media will trumpet that talking point, but we have to try something. Yes, I know the odds are stacked against us but if Ghana can upset the #2 team in the world today, then we can overcome this too.

That would go far more in supporting the troops than a mere campaign prop designed to discredit the opposition at the troops’ expense. But do you hear about the Republicans’ attempts to cut back funding for the Veterans’ Administration? Of course not, because the media buys into the myth that the Republicans are the only ones who support our troops while the Democrats are giving Bin Laden and whoever’s in charge of Al Qaeda in Iraq aid and comfort. Never mind that the Republicans are only interested in enriching their cronies in the defense industry. Never mind that the Republicans are only interested in using the troops for propaganda purposes and to drum up support for their failure of a war. If that is supporting the troops, I don’t know. If that is not treasonous by the media, I don’t know what is.

If you look at the Majority Leader’s memo that recently went out, it clearly shows the Republican’s playbook for 2006: EXPLOIT 9/11 mercilessly while claiming that Democrats are the one politicizing the tragedy. Project your faults and shortcomings unto the Democrats. Apparently these days, to question the Administration on the “War on Terror” and Homeland Security is to politicize 9/11, to use the deaths of the gallant fallen to attack the president baselessly.

It isn’t the Democrats who are politicizing 9/11. Apparently it’s not okay for the 9/11 widows to support the Democrats because they realize that the GOP has nothing new to offer in protecting our country besides getting into wars designed to maximize the profits of corporations. However, it’s ok for the White House to show United 93 in the White House itself to further its propaganda campaign to show us their version of the events that happened that tragic day in which Bush is a resolute leader who had his finest hour instead of the commander-in-chief who was motionless for the first few minutes while his country needed him the most. It’s ok for the GOP to connect 9/11 to Iraq and Saddam to falsely justify going to war to enrich their corporate buddies. It’s ok for the GOP to cry out 9/11 to justify anything from tax cuts to Halliburton’s contracts to the quagmire in Iraq, but it’s not okay for the Democrats to ask questions in where this administration’s policy is going, because nowadays, you’re supposed to follow in lockstep with the Dear Leader and not question him because he is the Man of God, whom God talks to, whom God has sent to save the world from itself.

Is there any wonder that Congress has an extremely low favorable rating in the 20s?! Is there any wonder that people figure that Congress does not have their best interests at hand? Murtha was correct in saying that it is our troops who fight the war while these bastards in Congress with their air-conditioned chamber politicize them by using them as political props to score points against the Democrats so that they could distract the American people away from their fuck-ups and incompetence that isn’t just incompetence but criminal in nature. Tragically, this will probably work because the media is on their side and the liberal media bias is nothing more than myth. (If you need proof, look at this article where it points out that liberal cartoonists have been censored while there has been NO censorship of conservative cartoonists anywhere.)

The lesson here is that if you're a Republican you can do anything you want and the media will give you a pass. If you're a Democrat or a liberal, you'll get pounded even if you had the best intentions in mind. Time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

Whoa! This really dazzles does know "Lorraine" just ambled into this blogpage? I use Haloscan, they don't know which end is up, much less the name of the person who is typing in my comment window at this point in time. Neat-o.

Well, now that I've wasted all that space with nonsense, I really should concentrate on why I'm here. I was perusing the long list over at the "Save the Internet" page (this all started when I found a different petition from in my e-mail inbox) and since I adore cats with a passion, (I think I may have lost a few functioning brain cells once I--much against my will--turned into an old lady) the title of your blog attracted me.

I am very glad it did. I sat down to check my mail and you know how that goes, right? Yup, the letter from MoveOn, the petition about the Internet, blah blah blah and good intentions about "doing stuff" are down the drain. Like I care if my apartment is dusty and all that foolishness. It will wait for me.

I enjoyed reading the first couple of! I really think I have found my doppelganger. LOL You sound so much like me. Except for the Greek history and all that, I know bupkis about that. I know what a Trojan horse is and that's about it. It's a condom, right?

I should have investigated more closely, I don't even know your name. Mine is Lorraine. My former room-mate's name is Rambo, a spoiled grey/black tabby. He doesn't live with me anymore, but that's another story.

I need to go back to that "Save the Internet" page...I don't recall who the sponsor of that deal is, is it affiliated with Hmmmm, I think I will look it over a tad more closely. I want to get the code for a small banner, anyway.

Take care, you have some wonderful attributes....anyone who loathes Commander McStupid as much as I do is an immediate friend of mine!
I love blogger. It's very nice to meet you. I'm dan, a recent graduate from UC Santa Barbara who majored in Classical Civilization and History who's also looking to teach history the correct way. I'm glad I can find kindred spirits like you online, especially those who adore CATS who deserve our love and respect.
Hey Dan! Just got back from a very RURAL vacation and saw your comment on my blog. Thanks for the support! I, too, am amazed at god, words escape me, and that is RARE!! I cannot believe anew, every day, the atrocities that I read and hear! I feel that I have somehow slipped into a parallel universe and have lost all touch with reality as I knew it!! (I may have spelled parallel-whatever-wrong, but gimme a break, OK? I just got back from the mountains and my brain is lazy!! LOL)
My favorite girl, Anaral AKA Annie, got to go to the kitty (Catz Cradle) hotel and be pampered...she even had her own screened-in-porch!!
I digress...I thought I heard, one evening as we made a foray into "Civilization", that Bush and Co had found some more OMG!!! TERRORISTS!!!! Oh the fear! The horror!! The BULLSHIT. The real Terrorist is none other than Dubya himself, but then I'm preaching to the choir here, aren't I? I cannot believe that they are milking that dried up teat again!!! Assholes.
Anyway, I can only hope and pray, like all GOOD Americans, that we will see a return to decency and common sense and the accepting of responsibility of one's own actions by our Government in the next election. Unless Kathy Harris and her ilk are involved again!!! Ye gads, where did all these creeps COME FROM???
it's at least some comfort that Katherine Harris is being STOMPED in the polls by Bill Nelson...she's even lying about Democrats including one of the most liberal in the Florida House secretly supporting her.
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