Friday, June 16, 2006

This Bush = man of God, Pro-lifer facade needs to stop. Sure, Bush may have signed a major overhaul concerning mine safety, the first one in years as the corporate media shills love to point out, as if that is a significant achievement that deserves a royal crown or something. The media is running with the talking point that Bush loves the common man and that he is actually a compassionate conservative, forgetting that he opposed these sort of regulations before public outcry forced his hand after the deaths of these miners.

Look closely at his new pick to head the Mine Health and Safety Administration (MHSA). Look at who he is: a coal industry executive. Isn't this a common feature in the Litterbox Administration? Consider that every regulation agency including this one is now run by Trojan Horses from the very industries they are supposed to regulate. Smarter regulation, my ass. It is meant this way so that these agencies become the fox guarding the henhouse.

I suspect that the provision in the bill that "requires" the government to study whether rescue chambers are placed in mines is only meant for show and does not show a serious attempt to further mine safety. Common sense dictates that since these chambers helped save the lives of 72 Canadian miners trapped in a mine, every mine should be required to place them. What is there to study? The impact on mine profits?! Yeah, some good that will do. It will probably not be recommended in the name of profits and competition, showing that how much these mine executives value the lives of their workers. For an administration that gives pocket change as fines to show that at least they're on the side of the consumer, it won't press mine owners to provide this safety net because it would cut into their profits. If Bush were truly pro-life instead of pro-profit, he would use his bully pulpit to DEMAND that the owners go the extra mile to ensure that every miner has a chance to survive.

To Bush, this is another photo-op to show that he cares, he really feels empathy just like President Clinton did back in the day. This is only to show that yes, he really cares for the common man, the miner, the average joe whom he loves to portray as his base. This is another attempt to show that he is the Father Figure who knows best and that we are only children who don't need to be in the know, that we should all just go about in our daily lives playing while Father goes through our rooms to protect us. Father knows best...and if Father wants a mine executive in charge of miner's safety, then so be it because who are we, the children to complain about anything just as long as we have our games and our celebrities making news on tv.

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