Saturday, July 15, 2006

When Republicans talk about relief for the consumer especially when it comes to gas prices,

they like most of the pro-drilling people out there are talking about is more relief for Big Oil. They say that drilling in our coastal waters will drive prices down. Well, didn't they say that invading Iraq would drive prices down? Bush's senior economic advisor Laurence Lindsey specifically said, “The key issue is oil, and a regime change in Iraq would facilitate an increase in world oil,” which would drive down oil prices, giving the U.S. economy an added boost. DIdn't they say that with Iraqi oil flooding the market, prices would plummet and that we would pay a dollar a gallon like the days of old before this OIL ADMINISTRATION came to power? Well, we all know what happened. We're paying a dollar alright, for a 1/3 OF A GALLON. Perhaps what he really meant to say was that it would facilitate an increase in profits.

The Republicans know that their true agenda is to do anything that benefits Big Oil and their other corporate masters which is why they have to mask their intentions by using populist rhetoric. No one likes to pay high prices at the pump and no one wants to subsidize Big Oil. Just like how they sold fear, they are using fear of higher gas prices to try to push their pro-Big Oil agenda. Why does Big Oil need more profits? Why do Republicans think that the combined $63.8 billion in profits for ExxonMOBIL, Chevron and ConocoPhillips isn't enough? $63.8 billion. We would have to earn at least $30.6 million an hour to make that full time in a year.

THE damage coastal drilling does to our waters is staggering. According to a letter I received from the Sierra Club, 500 GALLONS a day are spilled off our coasts. Think of all the damage that does to our marine wildlife. Think of all the damage it does to the fish we eat. We could invest in renewable energy sources but that would cause a ruckus in the ranks of Big Oil and they would come to complain to their slaves in the White House and Capitol Hill about how they're being so OPPRESSED by the Fourth Reich (the right's term for environmentalists).

Republicans think that they can fool you into believing that opening up ANWR and our coastal waters would bring back the days when gas was under a dollar. Hell it was $1.40 in the early years of the Bush Administration and many of us complained that even THAT was too much. Now we're paying $3.00 for one gallon. Republicans think that they can fool you with $100 rebate gimmicks which will only go to Big Oil anyway as we would have used them for more gas, which shows you how much contempt they have for you, the ordinary voter. They think that Congressional Pay Raises are MUCH more important than raising the minimum wage, because well it's so hard to live on a 6-figure income and they do SO much work. (Hell, CRY me a river, assholes.)

Their solution? Blame the DEMOCRATS. It's their fault that gas prices are SO high! It's their fault that they won't let the righteous oil companies drill and rape our lands. It's their fault that gas isn't a dollar. Do you remember the oil rebate they were pushing in the Senate? John Thune (R-SD, naturally) said "A lot of these other things we're talking about today, supply, like ANWR, have had Democrats oppose them in the past, when gas was $1.25, $1.50. Gas is now $3. "I would expect that there would be a lot more bipartisan support for proposals that would increase supply in this country." Well the Republicans had their chance. They said that Operation Iraq Liberation I mean Freedom would drive oil prices down. Well gas is now $3, to take the senator's words. Let us not fall for this shell game again with the SAME rhetoric as coastal and ANWR oil would not be available until 2013 at the latest and if you think that'll instantly cause gas to drop below $1.50 you're a fool and no wonder why the Bush Administration loves you so much.

Besides, when the Republicans came out and said they would support repealing incentives to Big Oil, they knew that the oil executives had declared that they didn't NEED anymore incentives. So it was safe for them to go out and spew their populist rhetoric which attempted to say, "We're actually trying to rein in Big Oil before they go out of control." That was the ONLY reason, otherwise they would not have done anything about it.

Republicans must think that the word consumer means big oil executives...because they use the consumer word a lot.

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