Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lieberman lost so what do they turn to? That's right! It's time to play PRETTY COLORS!

It’s time for a Red Alert, folks! After a year of no terror alerts, we have achieved a milestone in the Litterbox’s Identify the Colors game.

You know I want to believe the litterbox’s Homeland Security Department, I want to believe that the Brits have actually thwarted a legitimate terrorist plot and I do considering the police worked with MI5. But as AmericaBLOG notes, these so-called Al Qaeda cells on our soil have turned out to be all bark and no bite, with most of them being some friends who did more grumbling than doing and another one where they really were going to defy the laws of physics and try to flood Manhattan! Right, we all know Bush probably doesn’t know jack shit about physics and all…but his propaganda machine dreamt that one up in a hurry. I’m sure not all terrorists are that dumb…

In fact, JuliusBlog put together a chart overlapping Bush’s poll numbers and the terror alerts. Considering many of the plots supposedly cooked up were later proven to be false alarms, it isn’t surprising that many on our side of the political spectrum don’t believe anything this administration says. Why should we believe Homeland Security when it pushes the threat level to Red even though the Brits say that they had a major terrorist plot brewing. Yeah, we’ve heard that before, when the Democrats held their national convention in 2004, or when Bush failed to receive a bounce in the polls after the GOP National Convention and whenever something happened in the News detrimental to Bush in that glorious 2004 of bright and pretty colors!

Lieberman, according to the myth of national security Republicans, is a strong Democrat on the War on Terror which actually consists of Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL). Since Ned Lamont squeaked out an important, earth-shattering victory, the Litterbox Administration knows that its minions in Congress who march in lock-step to the litterbox’s orders are toast due to a failed policy of “stay the course” in Iraq while letting Osama off scot-free, off to make more videos at opportune times. It’s just a mere cynical attempt to scare Americans into believing the rhetoric of the Republicans, that we must stay the course in Iraq and magically these terrorists will be caught. However if we retreat, this will embolden the terrorists to come to our shores more often and we will be less effective in combating the threat of terror.

The Brits have it all right with their intelligence operations through law enforcement. That is what we should be doing instead of invading other countries that have never attacked us before. We should have special-ops forces on the hunt for Bin Laden and Mullah Omar, people who have been forgotten while the Bush Administration goes hunting for more opportunities to increase American hegemony…

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