Friday, August 25, 2006

Will Americans be fooled by the administration’s rhetoric concerning Iraq Iran with a N this time around or will they see that it is indeed recycled rhetoric? Will Iran be tied to 9/11 as Brent Cunningham of the Columbia Journalism Review speculates? Yes Iran is a threat, but is it the boogeyman that the Litterbox and his minions will hype it into just in time for the midterm elections? (Vote GOP or Iran will NUKE your cities!)

The fact is Iran can spew all hate towards Israel and all desire that it’ll be wiped off the map, but would they do anything against Israel knowing that one attack would be enough to invite perhaps a nuclear strike? Maybe the Iranian president’s rhetoric is just populist rhetoric to muster up support from the masses or maybe he is unhinged, but Iran would never attack Israel for that reason. But you wouldn’t know that from the neo-con’s rhetoric. You’d think that Iran was planning a nuclear strike on New York City or the heartland!

This is why they outed Valerie Plame. The administration does NOT want reliable intelligence on the supposed threat from Iran if it exists. They didn’t want reliable intelligence on the WMDs in Iraq that have not been found. They did NOT want reliable evidence to debunk the supposed link that Saddam had with Al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks. It is not surprising that over 60% believe that Saddam helped plan or even was the MASTERMIND of the terrorist attacks. The administration wants a cowed CIA to cherry-pick at best or to distort at worst all evidence so that it could support their rush to war. The administration is supposed to use the evidence and then make a crucial judgment whether to pull the trigger or not, but everything has been turned upside-down in Litterboxland. Now, intelligence is twisted to “vindicate” the administration’s ideology and the administration is trying to pressure the CIA to present intelligence that fits the pResident’s world view.

Will we hear Bill Kristol say that striking at Iran would be a cakewalk? Will he say that a tactical air strike perhaps with nuclear weapons would be enough to take out the Iranian “threat?” Is he naïve enough to think that the Iranians only have one nuclear site? Iran Focus reported that Iran has over 300 reported nuclear sites in the whole country. Is Bush prepared to bomb out all 300 sites? Do we even have reliable intelligence on those sites? Perhaps if the BUSH administration wasn’t so adept at outing CIA operatives for political points, maybe we would.
In fact, let’s take this further. Let’s fulfill the sick, twisted fantasy of the Savage Weiner and the other right-wingers who want to turn the Middle East into a parking lot. Let’s just bomb the whole nation to the Stone Age. Let’s bomb Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus and see what the whole world does. Maybe they’ll send flowers and candy to the White House praising us for taking out the Middle East and bringing our version of the Pax Americana to the world. Yeah, let’s see how nuking the Middle East wins us friends and solves problems. Right-wingers are so damn naïve or have their heads stuck up so far up the wrong end that they actually think that this would solve everything. They don’t see that we would just confirm that we are the rogue state and deserve to be a pariah in the court of world opinion. But at least the Rapture would come, wouldn’t it, once the bodies start to pile up in the Middle East?

For once in this administration, can it PLEASE try pressuring Iran through diplomacy and get the court of world opinion on our side instead of alienating our allies and isolating us like the time we went into Iraq with the Coalition of the Willing which included some island countries in the Pacific?

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